World Open Champions
Men    Women   
2010 Nick Matthew (Eng) Nicol David (Mas)
2009   Amr Shabana (Egy) Nicol David (Mas)
2008   Ramy Ashour (Egy) Nicol David (Mas)?
2007 Amr Shabana (Egy) Rachael Grinham (Aus)
2006 David Palmer (Aus) Nicol David (Mas)
2005 Amr Shabana (Egy) Nicol David (Mas)
2004 Thierry Lincou (Fra) Vanessa Atkinson
2003 Amr Shabana (Egy) Carol Owens (Aus)
2002 David Palmer (Aus) Sarah Fitz-Gerald (Aus)
2001 ---  Sarah Fitz-Gerald (Aus)
2000 --- Carol Owens (Aus)
1999 Peter Nicol (Sco) Cassie Campion (Eng)
1998 Jonathon Power (Can) Sarah Fitz-Gerald (Aus)
1997 Rodney Eyles (Aus) Sarah Fitz-Gerald (Aus)
1996  Jansher Khan (Pak) Sarah Fitz-Gerald (Aus)
1995  Jansher Khan (Pak)  Michelle Martin (Aus)
1994  Jansher Khan (Pak)  Michelle Martin (Aus)
1993  Jansher Khan (Pak)  Michelle Martin (Aus)
1992  Jansher Khan (Pak)  Susan Devoy (Nzl)
1991 Rodney Martin  (Aus)  -
1990  Jansher Khan (Pak)  Susan Devoy (Nzl)
1989  Jansher Khan (Pak)  Martine le Moignan (Eng)
1988  Jahangir Khan (Pak) -
1987  Jansher Khan (Pak)  Susan Devoy (Nzl)
1986  Ross Norman (Nzl)  -
1985  Jahangir Khan (Pak)  Susan Devoy (Nzl)
1984  Jahangir Khan (Pak)  -
1983  Jahangir Khan (Pak)  Vicki Cardwell (Aus)
1982  Jahangir Khan (Pak)  -
1981 Jahangir Khan (Pak)  Rhonda Thorne (Aus)
1980  Geoff Hunt (Aus)  -
1979  Geoff Hunt (Aus)  Heather McKay (Aus)
1978  -  -
1977  Geoff Hunt (Aus)  -
1976  Geoff Hunt (Aus)  Heather McKay (Aus)
Five for David in Sharm
Malaysia's Nicol David claimed her fifth World Open crown
in Sharm El Sheikh ...

History for Matthew in Saudi
Nick Matthew became the first Englishman to lift
the World Open crown in Saudi Arabia ...

Tickets for the later stages at Luxor Theatre are still available.
Entry to every session at Victoria Squash is FREE OF CHARGE
Rotterdam's Luxor
and Victoria Squash and plays host to the World Open Squash 2011.
Five for David
Nicol David claims her fifth World Open ...
History for Matthew Nick Matthew lifts the World Open crown in Saudi...

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