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World Open Wildcards To Be Decided In Play-Offs

Tournament organizers NextSquash announced today that twelve Dutch squash players will get the opportunity to gain a wildcard for the World Open Squash 2011 in Rotterdam.

Dutch internationals Dylan Bennett, Piedro Schweertman, Bart Ravelli, Sebastiaan Weenink, Rene Mijs and Frank Hartkoren will go head-to-head on Thursday October 6th and Friday October 7th in Rotterdam during the World Open Wildcard Play-Offs to determine which male player will join compatriot Laurens Jan Anjema in the main draw of the biggest squash championship of the year.

At the same time and at the same place Orla Noom, Milou van der Heijden, Cigany Sillevis, Melissa Meulenbelt, Milja Dorenbos and Ilona Lagerweij will play off for a spot in the women’s draw of the official individual World Championship, for which Dutch and European Champion Natalie Grinham has already qualified.

The World Open Squash 2011 will feature the 112 best men and 72 best women in the world.

The first six days (28 Oct – 02 Nov) of the prestigious squash championship will take place at Victoria Squash, the final stages (03-06 Nov) will be played on a full ASB Glass Court which will be erected on the podium of the renowned New Luxor Theatre in the Dutch City of Sports.


Tickets for the most prestigious squash event of the year can be booked online.

With just over 50 days to go before the start of the championship, tickets for Saturday’s semi-finals and Sunday’s final are
already almost sold out.

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