Dunlop has been one of the most successful sports brands of the 20th century and was played by squash legends such as the great Geoff Hunt.

Today as the world's No.1 Squash Brand, Dunlop remains dedicated to offering market leading equipment that delivers unmatched performance.

Dunlop dominates professional squash as the No.1 racket on the World Tour. Lee Beachill, Jonathon Power and two times World Champion Amr Shabana, are all players who have reached World No.1 Status whilst using Dunlop rackets.

As the most used racket on the World Tour many professional players trust their reputation and individual styles to Dunlop equipment.

Whatever your standard of play choose Dunlop and join the world's leading team.
Ministery VWS
(Public Health, Welfare and Sports)

Public health
Public Health encourages people to healthy behavior: more exercise, not smoking, moderate alcohol, safe sex and healthy food. People who have problems with their health, a timely call on the doctor, hospital or other health care. They are therefore insured and thus entitled to care. Along with health insurers, providers of care and patient organizations ensures the Ministry of Health facilities and that enough people have enough choice.

The Netherlands also has less population groups (can) take advantage of our welfare state. They are not economically independent or not participate actively in society. In cooperation with departments concerned with economics, education, housing and environment reinforces the Ministry of Health's social infrastructure. Major areas of social policy and youth volunteering.

Sport promotes health, provides social contact and contributes to the self. The "sports mission" of the Ministry of Health is to enable everyone in a responsible way to exercise. In addition, the Department spends money and attention to sports, that the Netherlands in international tournaments is a good match

City & Eventdressing begins with the announcement of your event on the roads. Banners and flags and banners in masts alert your audience to your event and lead them to the location to. The event area with such dresses Shipmate beachflags and dranghekdoeken. But the location can also be created with our festival products. By placing a gate and attaching cloth container creates a festival where before was nothing.

The power of event dressing is in the temporary. Because swoop flags or banners hang everywhere, they fall enormously. Shipmate help you choose the right timing for the announcement of your event. Also, you do not senseless announcement of an event that has been. The purchase of event dressing can earn themselves back (some of) the flags and banners to offer to the sponsors and media partners for your event.

For them media space for more color to your event. Good examples are the Bavaria City Racing, ABN-AMRO Rotterdam Marathon and Milner Open Swatch World Tour Five B (Beach Volleyball). Shipmate take all issues. In a risk analysis, we identify municipal ordinances, safety equipment, but also road safety and access for emergency services.

Shipmate produces the banners and other cloth material, placing boom boxes and confirm all canvas products. During the event regularly checked whether the material is in order. After the event, everything will be cleaned, the cloth material is checked, washed and possibly saved (our cleaning and repair service). 
Marvin smart:
Visual communication, a separate branch of sport

For the visual communication of events Marvin Smart works for the largest organizers, including the three largest international tennis tournaments in the Netherlands.

The entire look - which is determined by advertising, signage and other elements - provides Marvin Smart, from design, manufacturing and marketing quality of the event location. Each event requires a specific know-how.

A velodrome to be different requirements than a tennis court for example. In addition to design, product and location knowledge, there is much expertise in the regulatory, media laws and television recordings and photographs, an important aspect of (inter) national events.

ASB was founded on 1st October 1965 as a company for interior construction. In 1976 we developed the ASB SystemSquashCourts with various patents. The paramount objective of ASB is to provide real benefits for all of our clients with our products and service. We provide professional solutions to our customers’ requirements and we guarantee that our range of products will enhance the sporting experience of the athletes concerned and also develop business potential for our clients.

It is our aim to promote our wide range of high-quality products and innovations to the world squash market. We assure our customers that all ASB products are created using the latest technology and available knowledge.With our enthusiasm for innovation, we can generate added value and business success for our customers. We are committed to keeping our market edge and to constantly update and develop our products to fulfil our customers’ needs. For this reason, we analyse our customers’ requirements and help them to plan for the future so that they can realise the twin aims of sporting and business potential.

The ASB company culture is to provide a unique service for our customers. Our concrete aim is to spread our ideas and visions to enhance the range of leisure facilities available for users and venue operators. 

Novotel is a mid-scale hotel brand within the Accor group. Novotel has close to 400 hotels and resorts in 60 countries, situated in the business districts and tourist destinations of major international cities Mod-ern, spacious and comfortable.

Take the Novotel bedroom; an inspiring living space where you can un-wind after a busy day, enjoy time with your family, work in stress-free surroundings or simply sit back and relax.

Bathed in natural light and decorated with warm colours and fabrics, each bedroom provides a range of comforts such as noise insulation, blackout curtains, coffee and tea facilities, safe, mini-bar, plus international TV channels - and so that you can make the most of your weekend, the rooms are available
until 5 p.m. on Sundays.

Reewoud Energietechniek is a partner in smart energy supply. The company is essentially oriented towards the Netherlands and supplies to Energy Companies, Installation and Infra-installation Businesses and the Public Space.

Reewoud is a family-owned company focusing on long term strategy. Operations are supervised by a management team. The company is not on the stock exchange and its resulting long term vision enables optimum response to demand in the marketplace. Reewoud is originally a technical and electrical engineering trading company specializing in Medium Voltage (up to 36 kV).

In recent years, the company has innovated substantially and has developed into a system integrator and chain controller. Reewoud now also gives advice and handles project management and compound products. In these markets, Reewoud is an established name.

The company's activities are based on socially responsible entrepreneurship. The company's activities are focused on long term value creation in three dimensions: market (economic value), human (human consequences) and environment (consequences for nature and the environment). 
Hemubo Almere

Hemubo Almere is a group of companies specializing in renovation and maintenance of property and civilian objects. She has worked nationally as a group since 1971 and currently has approximately 260 employees.

High level of renovation, major repairs and planned maintenance are performed by Hemubo Almere. Depending on the project, a project team, in which all relevant disciplines are represented.

For example, specialized knowledge in the field of concrete renovation coupled with know-how about carving out dust and pointing rot remediation.

Through a multimedia platform Squashlife informs, encourages and inspires the Dutch squash family through news, wallpapers, interviews, blogs, interviews, instructions, training, advice and more.

The online portal  has a central role in the squash platform.

Members of Squash Bond Nederland receive a copy of the quarterly magazine for free.

A Worldwide Tour
WISPA sanctioned events take place all around the world. Melbourne, Mexico City and Monte Carlo, Doha, Dublin, and Dallas, Shanghai and Singapore, Hong Kong, New York, Cairo, Kuala Lumpur... these and many more cities and countries host women's international squash tournaments.

The WISPA World Tour is a well managed expanding programme that lends itself superbly to the demands of promoters, venues, spectators, sponsors, and the media.

Working for you
WISPA sanctioned events provide many opportunities for a sponsoring companies, clubs, federations and other bodies to use.

In addition to the excellent domestic and international media benefits such as TV, radio, and newspapers... product display, client entertainment, space for exhibition, programme editorial and advertising, client/staff events, local community goodwill and the association with a dynamic sport are also all desirable features of a superb all-round package.

WISPA plays its part by producing a WISPA World Tour listing, circulating all its members with tournament details, processing entries, providing seedings and player biographies, and offering general support and advice.

Many local, national, and multi-national companies have already realised how squash can readily fit into their marketing plans. The number keeps growing. We help and support organizers and their sponsors. 

The Professional Squash Association (PSA) is the governing body for the men's professional squash circuit.

The body operates in a similar fashion to the ATP for tennis. The PSA tour involves over 100 tournaments annually all over the globe.

Over 300 players are registered with the PSA and rankings are updated monthly based on players' performances.

There are hundreds of PSA tournaments throughout the course of a season, and they are classified into the following categories, based on prize money.

Every year, the top eight performers from the various World Series events gather for the World Series Finals.

PSA reached an agreement with Dunlop that extends Dunlop's tenure as the provider of official balls and official racquets for the PSA.

The first squash court was built in England in 1864; there are now around 50,000 courts in more than 185 nations worldwide. To harness this growth and to promote and co-ordinate the sport, the International Squash Rackets Federation (ISRF) was formed in 1967, its name being changed in 1992 to the World Squash Federation (WSF).

The WSF is recognised by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) as the International Federation (IF) for squash. The WSF is a member of the General Association of International Sports Federations (GAISF) and the Association of the IOC Recognised International Sports Federations (ARISF).

The WSF has 135 Members, all of whom are National Associations of squash, recognised by their National Olympic Committee (NOC) or Ministry of Sport as the sole and undisputed governing body for the sport in the country.

Members are required to join one of the five Regional Federations which are an integral part of the WSF structure. Members receive a number of votes to be used at General Meetings depending on the number of squash courts in their country.

Management of the WSF
The WSF is managed by a Management Committee (ManCom), responsible for day-to-day control of the Federation and an Executive Committee (ExCo) which assists ManCom in the strategy and policy making process. Members of ManCom are elected at General Meetings and consist of a President and three Vice-Presidents, who each serve two year terms of office.

One additional Vice-President may be co-opted on an annual basis if required. ExCo comprises all members of ManCom plus one Regional Vice-President appointed by each of the five Regional Federations. The Chairman of the Athletes Commission and representatives of PSA and WISPA are members of ExCo. ManCom is supported by a number of Committees, Commissions and Panels whose members are volunteers with specialist knowledge coming from the Regional Federations and Player Associations.

The WSF employs professional staff who are responsible for implementing the decisions of these bodies whose main activities are described below.
Rotterdam Topsport

In the Netherlands and abroad, Rotterdam Topsport is known as a facilitator and organiser of top-level sporting events.

The ATP-ranked ABN AMRO World Tennis Tournament is a fine example of this. Other examples include the World Port Tournament (baseball) and the CHIO Rotterdam (equestrian sports). In addition to always guiding the events, Rotterdam Topsport has occasionally acted as initiator and organiser. Rotterdam has also on numerous occasions acted as host city for a range of national and international championships and events.

A small selection of events over the past few years includes the EURO 2000, the Davis Cup, the World Korfball Championships and the European and World Judo Championships. But Rotterdam has more exciting projects in store.

Take, for instance, the Grand Départ of the Tour de France, the World Artistic Gymnastics Championships and the European Korfball Championships which are scheduled to take place in 2010, followed by the World Table Tennis Championships, the European Dressage Championships and the World Squash Championships in 2011.

In addition to organising, guiding and supporting new top-level sporting events, Rotterdam Topsport also provides logistic and financial support.

Ymere wants to play a role in developing cities where citizens like to live, work and grow. Ymere works in de metropole region of Amsterdam including Almere, Amsterdam, Haarlem, Haarlemmermeer, Leiden and Alkmaar.

We manage about 83.000 rental units, of which about 76.500 houses. We also develop business units like shops and offices.

We re-invest profit in social programs in ‘our’ neighborhoods.

Mirage offers a wide range of ICT-services like detachering, services and support. Since 1996 Mirage is specialized in ICT-detacherings services like project- and maintenance activities for multinationals like IBM and Unilever.

Since 2002 Mirage offers services like system engineering and –implementations for Small and Midrange Business in the Netherlands. And our third core activity is ICT-Support.

Based on our extended experience and knowledge we assist our customers quick and prompt trough our remote (distance) service . 
Tickets for the later stages at Luxor Theatre are still available.
Entry to every session at Victoria Squash is FREE OF CHARGE
Rotterdam's Luxor
and Victoria Squash and plays host to the World Open Squash 2011.
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